My mother taught art father thought music, music is my drugs and the notes I abuse them. From the age of 3 I've was known to bang on objects with anything that would resemble drumsticks. From then on I knew music would be within my universe constantly. I played the drums for our award winning middle and high school jazz band. Then continued to play briefly through college. However a football injury pulled me out of college. I wasn't going pro nor thought that universe anyway. I personally just love the game yet ball is life.  


Musically though, I started as the name Moezarht and had some placements with Jean Grae, Ma$e, Common, Nature, upcoming artist like Lailo, Dj Sinna, Burning Rebelz and many others.  

I'm at the creation level; as to where I'm just trying to push the creative envelops. I now go by the producer name of PFloyd or Floyd aka Forever Live Out Your Dreams. Create what you feel and write from the perspective you are looking to paint from. 

I thank you for flying with me.  


If you need custom production, looking to book an artist for an art installation or just want to purchase some merchandise. I thank you again for flying and please join the mailing list.